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Best Flat Sales in Dhaka

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A Guide for Families Seeking Flat Sales in Dhaka

Reading time: 7 minutes, Category: Property Trends

Find the best flats sales in Dhaka for your family with BestBari, a top real estate company of Bangladesh.

BestBari presents the essential Guide for Families Seeking Flat Sales in Dhaka. Whether you have a family with young kids and looking to purchase your flat or have older kids studying in high-school or university and looking to upsize home, this guide will help you create an effective plan and strategy to help make your family home in Dhaka come true.

By purchasing your first family home, you are essentially building an investment asset for the future, which you can live in and pass down to the next generations. Your first flat purchase will also likely be one of the biggest purchases you’ll make in a long time, so it is important to do your research and get the right advice before committing to a flat sale in Dhaka.

Step 1. It starts with research and planning

Purchasing a flat in Dhaka is a huge commitment, so you want to make sure you’ve thought it through thoroughly. Your journey to buy a flat in Dhaka starts with careful research and planning.

The first step is to decide on what type of property you want and in what location. For example, how many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need for your family members, what are your targeted suburbs close to schools and/or universities and how many secure car parking spaces will you need for your family car(s)?

The location of your desired Dhaka flat for sale is probably the most significant factor that influences the price. For example, is the property in close proximity to good schools, shopping centres, cafes and restaurants and hospitals. Also consider the demographics and status of the suburb, for example are there mostly professionals, expatriates and retirees living there.

In addition to where the property is located, it’s overall condition, features and styling plays an important role in determining its appeal and value. For example, avoid properties with water leakage, insect infestation and dampening in the walls. It is suggested to contact a specialist to inspect the condition of the home before purchasing it.

Furthermore, consider the accessibility to transport and commuter link to offices for essential for daily living and travelling to work. Some other factors can have a negative influence on property prices such as proximity to power plants, homeless shelters and bars – so try and avoid these locations.

Once you get an idea of these specific requirements, you can start to create a short-list of available Dhaka flat sales in your desired locations, which also match your requirements and budget by using BestBari’s search page.

BestBari has a wide access to a trusted network of high-quality real-estate relationship managers and property developers who can help you purchase your dream property in Dhaka for a discounted price within your budget. Click this link to be connected to one of our trusted property consultants free of charge.

Step 2. Determine your budget and Bangladesh home loan

Once you have done your research and have a plan of what you are looking for in the Dhaka property market, determine your budget and home loan requirements. Start by setting a realistic budget for your desired Dhaka flat sale.

If you’re looking to finance your property purchase with a home loan, you should speak with a private bank as soon as possible and get an idea of your borrowing capacity according to your income and savings.  

While banks love to see that you have equity in your home or other investment properties they will require you to prove your income to borrow funds. Make sure to also budget for all the costs that come with owning an investment property, interest on your loan, home insurance and property management fees.

It really does pay to do your research, especially when it comes to selecting which bank to borrow from for your home loan. If you are looking to fund your property with a home loan, make sure to get your pre-approval from a bank as soon as possible. The pre-approval will give you a good indication of what your maximum budget can be if you’re looking to borrow. The pre-approval will consist of the bank assessing your income and expenses and determine the capacity and maximum amount you can borrow.

Always compare your interest rate and processing fees before opting in for a home loan in Bangladesh. Also, be aware of the hidden charge. There are many cases where banks have misinformed people about home loans and charged borrowed substantial hidden costs. Home loans are available from large local and international banks such as HSBC, DBH, BRAC, IFIC, DBBL and Bank One. It is also worth checking out if you qualify to get a loan from the Bangladesh House Building Finance Corporation.

Thanks to BestBari has done the hard work and research for you to find the very best interest rates, discounts, processing times across different banks and financial institutions to help finance your ideal flat sale in Dhaka. BestBari has exclusive partnerships with banks and financial institutions and we can offer you competitive home loans to make your dream home into a reality. Please contact our friendly home loan specialists and feel free to use our free home loan calculator tool. Once you know your budget, you are ready to move to the next stage, which is knowing what you want for your flat in Dhaka.

Flat sale in Dhaka; Flat sale Dhaka

Step 3. Start Saving Early for your Dream Flat for Sale in Dhaka

After you have done your research, determined your budget and have your funding sorted, it’s time to start saving money early. A good way to save money is to adopt smart saving and spending habits. Start maintaining a strict monthly or weekly budget and make yourself a goal of how much to deposit to a dedicated savings account for your home deposit.

Review your income and expenses regularly and find ways to reduce your expenses. There’s also a variety of budget apps available to help you manage your money during the saving period. Consider setting up an automatic transfer from your transaction account to your savings account as an easy way to transfer money to your savings account every time you receive your paycheck.

You may even want to explore other ways to earn more cash for your property purchase. For example, selling unnecessarily items or clothes or even get or even get a part-time job. Anything you can do to find additional income will help you reach your savings goal much quicker.

Lastly, contribute any spare cash to your savings account. For example, if you receive a bonus at work or some cash for your birthday, add it to your car savings account to help you achieve your property purchase.

Step 4. Wait for the right time to buy flat for sale in Dhaka

Finally, wait for the best time to buy your flat in Dhaka. Flat prices in Dhaka can fluctuate frequently and there are certain times where you’re more likely to get a better deal. For example, there are certain market conditions, motivated selling and vacancies that can help you time the market to help you find an apartment at a very attractive price.

If need assistance on finding an apartment to purchase in Bangladesh, please contact us. Our team of property specialists in Dhaka will reach out and help you find your dream home, at a cheap price in your budget using BestBari’s network of premium real-estate brokers and property developers. We will then simply connect you with the real-estate broker or property dealer according to your wishes, free of charge.

Constantly research and monitor the Dhaka property market and be aware of price trends. Take note of the average apartment price movement in Dhaka. Also, keep an eye out on any significant changes in interest rates, tax rules and regulations. If interested in learning more about investing in the real-estate market in Bangladesh please read BestBari’s article on Why Invest Property in Bangladesh?

We hope you enjoyed reading this article published by BestBari.

If you would like to find out more about  flat sales in Dhaka please contact us to book in a complimentary consultation with one of our trusted property consultants.

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Flat sale in Dhaka; Flat sale Dhaka