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Overcoming Declining Flat Sales in Dhaka

Reading time: 6 minutes, Category: Property Trends

Looking to access exclusive BD properties and flat sales in Dhaka? Then look no further and visit BestBari, the trusted real estate company of Bangladesh.

In the bustling city of Dhaka, businesses are constantly striving to overcome the challenge of a flat sales decline. But how can companies unleash their true potential and turn the tide? We reached out to industry experts to gain valuable insights and strategies on how to combat this pressing issue.

In this article brought you by BestBari, we dive deep into the root causes of flat sales decline in Dhaka and explore effective solutions to boost business growth. From innovative marketing techniques to refining sales strategies, our experts provide actionable advice that is sure to make a difference.

Understanding the sales decline in Dhaka flats

Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, is a thriving hub of business and commerce. However, many companies in this bustling city face the challenge of a flat sales decline. To overcome this issue, it is crucial to first understand the factors contributing to the decline.

The biggest challenge for the Dhaka real estate sector during 2023 has been the political uncertainty coming up to the national election, which happened in January 2024. Leading up to the election, there was a lot of uncertainty of the potential political turmoil and a lot of businesses had a declining or stagnant year of sales and revenue. During the election season, the overall market sentiment and investor confidence was down given the uncertainly, which halted property sales and transactions in 2023.

The second biggest challenge has been to do with macroeconomic and finance trends in Bangladesh, particularly the significant rise inflation and interest rates. After COVID-19, the global economy experienced a high rate of inflation, particularly emerging and frontier markets such as Bangladesh. High rates of inflation in countries like Bangladesh makes it very difficult for low to middle income families and individuals to pay for basic goods and necessities like food and groceries.

To overcome inflation, central banks such as the Bangladesh Bank increases interest rates which are used by other banks for lending to customers. Given that the interest rate increased significantly between 2022 to 2023, this made it more difficult for home loan customers to borrow funds for property purchases in Dhaka, which slowed down the real estate market. For example, you can observe and compared the current bank interest rates for home loans available in the market by using BestBari’s interest rate comparison tool.

Another aspect to consider is the lack of market research and customer insights. Without a clear understanding of the target audience’s needs and preferences, businesses may struggle to create compelling products or services that resonate with customers. This can lead to a decline in sales as potential buyers look elsewhere for solutions that meet their expectations. To overcome the sales decline, businesses must delve deeper into these factors and develop effective strategies that address the root causes. By doing so, they can position themselves for success in the competitive Dhaka real estate market.

Analysing the root causes of the sales decline in BD properties

To overcome the flat sales decline in Dhaka, it is crucial to analyse the root causes and identify the factors that contribute to the problem. By understanding these underlying issues, businesses, particular property developers in Dhaka, can develop effective solutions that address the core challenges they face.

One of the key root causes is the lack of effective marketing strategies. Many businesses in Dhaka struggle to reach their target audience and communicate their value proposition effectively. This can result in lower brand awareness and reduced sales. By investing in comprehensive marketing campaigns that utilise both traditional and digital channels, businesses can increase their reach and attract more customers.

Another root cause is the lack of customer-centricity. Businesses that fail to prioritise customer satisfaction and meet their evolving needs are likely to experience declining sales. Conducting regular customer surveys, analysing feedback, and implementing improvements based on customer insights can help businesses stay ahead of the competition and drive sales growth.

Additionally, inadequate sales training and strategies can contribute to the sales decline. Sales teams that lack the necessary skills and knowledge may struggle to close deals and achieve targets. Investing in ongoing training and equipping the sales team with effective strategies can help boost sales performance and reverse the decline. By analysing and addressing these root causes, businesses in Dhaka can lay the foundation for sustainable sales growth and success in the competitive marketplace.

Strategies to overcome the Dhaka flat sales decline

To overcome the flat sales decline in Dhaka, businesses need to adopt effective strategies that address the specific challenges they face. Here are some proven strategies that can help revitalise sales performance and drive business growth:

1. Leverage online strategies and platforms for business growth

In the digital age, having a strong online presence is crucial for business success. Building a robust online presence also allows businesses to engage with their target audience, build brand loyalty, and gather valuable customer insights.

By leveraging digital marketing platforms and utilising leading online real estate marketplaces like BestBari, property sellers can increase the visibility of their property listing for sale, attract new potential buyers and drive sales. At the same time property buyers have the luxury to seamlessly search, compare and find the best property listings suited to their preferences without leaving their homes.

2. Importance of Customer Retention and Loyalty

While attracting new customers is important, businesses should not overlook the value of customer retention and loyalty. It is often more cost-effective to retain existing customers than to acquire new ones. By providing exceptional customer service, personalised experiences, and loyalty programs, businesses can foster strong relationships with their customers, leading to repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

3. Aligning Sales and Marketing Efforts

To maximise sales effectiveness, it is crucial to align sales and marketing efforts. By ensuring that marketing campaigns are designed to support the sales team’s goals and providing them with the necessary tools and resources, businesses can create a seamless customer journey that drives conversions. Regular communication and collaboration between sales and marketing teams can also help identify areas for improvement and fine-tune strategies for better results.

By aligning sales and marketing efforts, businesses can ensure that their strategies are cohesive, targeted, and optimised for success. This collaboration can help overcome flat sales decline and drive sustainable growth in Dhaka’s competitive business landscape.


In conclusion, overcoming flat sales decline in Dhaka requires a comprehensive and strategic approach. By leveraging digital marketing techniques and online marketplaces, focusing on customer retention and loyalty, aligning sales and marketing efforts, businesses such as property developers can unleash their true potential and achieve sustainable revenue and sales growth.

The business landscape in Dhaka is competitive, but with the right strategies and mindset, success is within reach. Take action today and implement the insights and strategies shared in this article. By doing so, you’ll be well on your way to transforming your sales figures and embarking on a journey of sustainable growth in the vibrant city of Dhaka.

BestBari is the premium real estate company of Bangladesh. If you would like to learn more about accessing the most premium flat sales in Dhak then contact us for a complimentary consultation with our trusted property specialists.

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