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Top Five Hospitals in Bangladesh that Provide the Best Healthcare Services

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Health care delivery is a formidable challenge for any nation developing or otherwise and Bangladesh is no different. These issues remain in the forefront of efforts to improve the populations health status, quality of public satisfaction, sustainability, and service delivery. The challenges encountered dictate a growing need to for greater investment towards governance, research and importantly health care facilities to further bolster a system where resources are already scarce. Every decision and dollar spent are funneled into a system both public and private with the directive that it helps strengthen the current health care system and that every decision made is the best Top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh.

Furthermore, Top 10 hospitals in Bangladesh health care in Bangladesh is provided by either government run hospitals or via a privately run facility. The country was falling behind in capacity to treat both the poor as well as the affluent. Recent developments and substantial investments have seen this sector experience significant growth in recent years to tackle this this health challenge and help transform Bangladesh’s burgeoning health sector. 

This article brought to you by BestBari will cover the Top Five hospitals that will help lead the transition of Bangladesh’s’ health services and ensure and ensure more of its people are better cared for through its existing and future healthcare infrastructure.

Evercare Hospital Dhaka

Established: 2005, Beds: 425

Evercare Hospital Dhaka is a 425 bed multi-disciplinary specialty hospital with superior tertiary care. This title has not been self-determined rather it has been bestowed by the Joint Commission International (JCI) which is a US based prestigious organisation that is dedicated to improving the safety and health care quality around the world. This hospital has the unique accolade of being the only hospital in the country to receive this accreditation, so you know that the care standards are truly world class.

In addition to being internationally recognised, the hospital is owned by the Evercare Health Fun which is an emerging markets US $1billion dollar fund managed by the Rise Fund. This large investment vehicle allows the hospital to remain at the forefront of many disciplines including bone and joint, mother and child, heart, neuroscience, kidney, urology, therapeutic and various surgical specialties. 

Evercare Hospital Dhaka

 Evercare Hospital Dhaka is the only hospital in the country to hold the coveted Joint     
 Commission International (JCI) accreditation.

United Hospital Limited

Established 2006, Beds: 500

United Hospital Limited is one of the topmost private hospitals located alongside the idyllic Gulshan Lake. The also happens to be one of the largest private facilities in the country with the ability to look after over 500 patients with over a dozen state of the art operation theatres that cater to the country’s needs. The hospital ethos was borne out of a distinct vision to provide a complete one-stop health solution to the inhabitants of Bangladesh. The hospital prides itself with other 30 clinical subspecialties, centres of excellence including the cancer, renal, cardiac, surgical, mother and child, neuroscience, and critical care centres.

The hospital is noted for having a reputed cardiac division that has pioneered the Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implant, the first of it kind in Bangladesh which makes this the top choice for this type of technical surgery. The technology boundaries continue with leading the cancer treatment by housing the countries only medical cyclotron which provides accurate targeted laser treatment to ensure minimal collateral damage when treating cancer.

Top 10 hospitals in bangladesh

 The hospital prides itself with other 30 clinical subspecialties.

Square Hospital

Established: 2006, Beds: 500

Square Hospital location in the midpoint of Dhaka. This is a private hospital that seeks to serve its patients with a myriad of facilities all within an 18-story building and over 500 critical care beds. The hospital is considered to have modern affordable facilities, medical equipment and diagnosis machines that rival the best that world offers. The hospital emphasis is on leadership, quality of care, and technology.

By focusing on these core tenets it continues to innovate and provide continuous progress in the medical field. Specifically, the kidney and dialysis, children, and urology divisions. Other notable departments include a world orthopaedics, trauma, radiology and CDC. The private funded hospital also allows it to focus on other specialties such as heart, oncology and radiotherapy and many more all which that make this one of the most popular hospitals to visit.  

Top 10 hospitals in bangladesh

The Square hospital is considered to have world class leading diagnostics machines.

Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital

Established: 1966, Beds: 1900

Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital is a prestigious 10 story private hospital located in Shahbagh Dhaka. This is one of the countries topmost postgrad medical school and has deep ties with professional organisations at home and abroad. The institute has a well deserved and superior reputation for delivering utmost care and post graduate education in a range of unique fields with faculties consisting of Medicine, Surgery, Basic medical science, Dentistry, Nursing and medical technology. This hospital houses one of the largest Paediatric haematology and oncology centre in the country which also focuses on treatment and care of cancer in children

Being a medical university, you can be assured that all your health needs are looked at with new angles all under the watchful eyes of the countries best medical teaching professional. A curious approach to medical conditions is often what helps uncover unknown medical issues, diagnosis and acute care which comes with this unique feature.     

Top 10 hospitals in bangladesh

Sheikh Mujib Medical University Hospital has largest Paediatric Haematology and Oncology centres in the country.

Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

Established: 1946, Beds: 2600

Dhaka Medical college is another of the country’s largest Hospital and medical college located in Dhaka that houses both a tertiary care hospital and top leading medical school. The institution is considered to be the countries central point of public health services encompassing all government hospitals in Bangladesh. Patients from all over the country come here to receive low-cost medical treatment as this is a primary public initiative.

In addition to being one of the largest general hospitals, the organisation has the largest burns unit in the country with over 300 beds and can effectively triage and treat these types of specialised injuries. This type of specialist care sees the hospital also housing a specialised cosmetic surgery department which further compliments its end-to-end burns care.

With over 2600 beds, Dhaka Medical college and Hospital is one of Dhaka’s largest public hospitals.

We hope you have found this article insightful about the top five hospitals in Bangladesh that provide the best heath care , If you enjoyed this guide please visit our News and Articles page, including our Dhaka Suburb Guides.

This article is brought to you by BestBari , the trusted BD property company in Bangladesh. Check out our other suburb guides using this link.

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