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Easy ways to increase the value of your flat for sale in Dhaka

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Easy ways to increase the value of your Dhaka flat - Buy Flat Dhaka

If you own a flat in Dhaka, you may be hoping that one day it will worth more than you paid for it. Even though a apartment’s value relies on things like location, economic growth and changing market conditions, there are some things within your control that you can do now to increase you’re the value of your flat in Dhaka.

It’s often the smallest changes that have the biggest impact. Therefore, don’t feel as though you need to do a full-scale renovation to increase the value of your Dhaka flat. Here at BestBari, we discuss simple tips you can do to make your Dhaka flat more appealing for potential and increase its value.

Aim to maximise your return

The key is to identify and prioritise jobs that are likely to deliver the greatest return on investment. This means avoiding overly expensive activities that can ultimately become a waste of money. Often, less is more. Relatively inexpensive and cosmetic renovations can generate the best return on property investments. For example, installing new carpets, polishing floorboards and fixing cracks can easily increase the appeal and value for your flat in Dhaka.

Add a fresh coat of paint

A fresh new coat of paint is often the easiest and cheapest way to refresh the overall look and feel of your apartment while increasing its value. Consider using a contemporary but conservative colour scheme. This approach generally appeals to the biggest group of buyers.

Focus on the adding a new coat of paint in the master bedroom and the living room and kitchen. Adding a fresh coat of neutral coloured paint can make these rooms feel more lively, fresh and vibrant.

Upgrade your lighting

Upgrade the lighting to to brighten up the presence of your flat. Consider replacing your light bulbs with LED lights to give your flat a fresh look with modern ambience. Also consider using lamps to brighten up the corners of your flat. You can also remove your window screens to let more natural light in, giving your home a warmer and homely feel.

Easy ways to increase the value of your Dhaka flat - Buy Flat Dhaka

Improve the interior design

Improving the décor and interior design of your Dhaka flat can go a long way to increase the price when you look to sell it on the market. Nice décor and interior design will appeal to the emotions of potential buyers and increase the overall demand for your flat.

Decorate every room neatly and nicely. Adding things like cushions and rugs can make a big difference. Consider putting some up some artwork and flowers in the rooms to add colour to the rooms. Using mirrors is also a clever ever idea, since it can make your apartment feel bigger than it is really is.

For more ideas on improving the décor and interior design of your flat in Dhaka, please read BestBari’s article on Top Tips for Interior Design for Dhaka Flats.

Easy ways to increase the value of your Dhaka flat - Buy Flat Dhaka

Repair the kitchen and bathrooms

The condition, look and feel of your bathrooms and kitchen are essential when trying to get the highest price for your apartment.  Simply changing the countertops, cabinets and adding new lights and a fresh coat of paint to your bathrooms and kitchen can make your apartment look brand new.

When presenting your apartment to new buyers, use candles and fresh flowers in the bathrooms and kitchen to appeal to sense of smell and sight and add to the ambience in your home. Adding a few cabinets and shelves can also increase your apartment’s value. For your kitchen, replacing the burner pans can make the whole stove look fresh again.

Easy ways to increase the value of your Dhaka flat - Buy Flat Dhaka

Declutter and add extra storage options

Decluttering your flat can take some effort but well worth it for it for your home inspections. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, when they inspect your flat they are imagining what it would be like to live there.

Decluttering your personal items can make your flat look clean and organised, which can ultimately help increase its perceived value during inspections. Removing old furniture, clothes, books, magazines, and any other unnecessary items during inspections can go along way to make your flat presentable for future buyers.

Adding extra storage options is also a good idea. New home buyers love seeing additional storage options for their own personal items. You can also have additional shelves built on walls and bathrooms for additional storage. Adding cabinets will make your kitchen look very modern and appealing.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this article useful and found simple and cost-effective ways to increase the value of your Dhaka flat. Please visit our News and Reviews page for more useful articles.

We wish you the best and hope you find your dream flat for sale in Dhaka.

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