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How to Tackle Climate Change for Bangladesh Real Estate

Reading time: 3 minutes, Category: Lifestyle

How to tackle climate for your Dhaka apartment - Buy Flat Dhaka

Climate change is a serious threat issue to Bangladesh. According to research done by National Geographic, Bangladesh is one the most vulnerable nations to the impacts of climate change. It is projected that, by 2020, from 500 to 750 million people will be affected by water stress caused by climate change around the world.

The biggest risk factors include population displacement which leads to irrigation and health hazards, food scarcity, famine, extreme property and potential civil unrest as more communities are disrupted from rising sea levels and a sinking coastal line.

In this article brought to you by BestBari, we discuss four simple and easy-to-do tips you can do to combat climate in your apartment in Dhaka in order to avoid a climate change catastrophe for the country of Bangladesh.

Use energy efficient appliances

When trying to reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint, use energy efficient appliances in your flat. More recently, large home appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers and washing machines have significantly improved in relation to the amount of energy they consume.

When you’re looking to replace these appliances look at the energy rating, which will indicate how much energy efficient these items are. Even smaller appliances like hair dryers, laptops and printers have energy ratings which you can consider before making your next appliance purchase.

Reduce energy consumption from everyday devices

It might seem obvious, but switch off devices, appliances and lights when you’re not using them. Just having everyday electrical devices plugged in to the power plug consumes unwanted electricity, whether the device is on or off. If you aren’t using the device, make sure you unplug, this can reduce your energy consumption as much as 40%.

When using large household appliances like dishwashers, washing machines or dryers make sure to load them up to their maximum capacity. This way the energy will be fully utilized, which will also help you reduce your electricity bills.

Consider using LED lights and solar power

Check what type of light bulbs you are you using. Light bulbs such as LED ones are 85% more energy efficient than previous models and also last much longer. Consider having more glass windows installed to allow more natural light to come in the day, without having to rely on light bulbs.

Installing solar panels can quickly reduce your emissions, and often saves money on electricity over the long-term.  Solar panels are getting more affordable and accessible in Bangladesh. Even if you are renting in Dhaka, you can select a more climate-friendly energy provider.

How to tackle climate for your Dhaka apartment - Buy Flat Dhaka

Travel less and shop locally

Last but not least, travel less and shop more locally for items and groceries for your Dhaka apartment. By doing this you will be reducing emissions in transport, and therefore your carbon footprint. Local produce not only requires less energy and materials to grow, but it’s healthier and tastier. Buying local also means you reduce packaging by bringing your own bags and avoiding the plastic that comes with items that are shipped from different regions and countries.

To help combat the dangers of climate change for Bangladesh, we can all do our part when it comes to reducing our energy consumption to help fight against climate change. Small changes to our daily routines can make a huge difference if we all make a change. 

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We wish you the very best to help you find your ideal, climate-friendly flat for sale in Dhaka.

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