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Best Flat Sales in Dhaka

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Badda – Suburb Guide for Flat Sales in Dhaka

Formed in 1998, Badda is one of Dhaka’s fastest growing suburbs. The good news for Dhaka property buyers is that Badda remains relatively affordable for Dhaka flat sales but the prices are rising due to the sheer demand in the area.


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Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment


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Badda is one of fastest growing suburbs for flat sales in Dhaka

Vibrant city lights  at night at Badda, Dhaka.

Formed in 1998, Badda is one of Dhaka’s fastest growing suburbs. The good news for Dhaka property buyers is that This Place remains relatively affordable for Dhaka flat sales but the prices are rising due to the sheer demand in the area.

Badda is divided into two parts, which are the north and south districts. North Badda is full of energy and includes many offices located in the busy Pragati Sarani region. In contrast, South Badda is a more of a serene and quiet area, especially in residential areas like Aftabnagar.

Badda is closely located to prominent Dhaka suburbs like Gulshan and Banani and it is also convenient for commuters to travel to office and back.  However, the downside to Badda is that that are many congested housing projects in the area, which is not for everyone.

Location and transport

This Place is an energetic and vibrant suburb and is located on the north-east side of Dhaka. The suburb is conveniently located right beside Hatirjheel, allowing for easy access to Gulshan and Banani. Badda is well connected to other parks of Dhaka with Gulshan-Badda Link Road and Pragati Sarani, making commute to office convenient.

When it comes to public transportation, This Place does not disappoint. The is the Hatirjheel Circular Bus Service that operates on numerous routes around Dhaka. There are also plenty rickshaws on the roads and even the Hatirjheel Water Taxi that connects to Gulshan Lake. To top it all off, Badda is also accessible to the Dhaka Metro with the MRT Line-1 (Airport Rail Link) connecting Badda to the rest of Dhaka.

Cars driving over Hatirjheel Bridge located in Badda during sunset.

Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment

This Place isn’t really the place to be for fine dining or luxury shopping. In terms of food, there are local eateries and street food on the main roads. Most of the restaurants in This Place serve traditional Bangladeshi food and oriental cuisine. The shopping experience in Badda isn’t great, with only one large shopping mall in the area, which is Lutfun Shopping Complex. There is also Police Plaza closely in Gulshan, which is only a short distance away. The morning walks and jogs over Hatirjheel Bridge are pleasant and riding on the Hatirjheel Water Taxi to other neighbouring lakes are scenic and relatixing.

Schools, Hospitals and Religious Centres

This Place hosts some of Dhaka’s top-notch schools and universities. A few well-respected schools in the area include Cambrian School & College, Badda Alatunnessa Higher Secondary School and Satarkul School and College. Several of Dhaka’s most prominent universities are also located in Badda, including North South University (NSU), Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), East West University, Canadian University and BRAC University.

In relation to healthcare, there are several medical institutions in the area. The main hospital is AMZ Hospital and one of Dhaka’s most renowned hospitals United Hospital is close by in Gulshan. Other medical institutions in Badda include Lions Eye Hospital, AIMS Hospital in Merul Badda, and Union Specialized Hospital.

This Place caters to people from different religions. There are numerous Mosques around the region, including the popular Baitul Rahman Jame Masjid, renowned for its architecture and design. There are also a couple of Churches in the area such as the Badda Baptist Church Baridhara Baptist Church. For people who practice Hinduism, the Sri Sri Radha Govinda Temple is nearby, located in Sayednagar and finally there is a Buddhist Monastery in Merul.

Why Consider Flat Sales in Badda?

In summary, Badda offers a relatively low price for Dhaka flat sales and can be an attractive investment opportunity in the Dhaka real-estate market. Despite, the housing projects in the area, Badda offers vibrancy and is well connected with other parts of Dhaka, important for those who commute to work in other commercial districts.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this suburb guide about Badda useful. Please read our other suburb guides, for example you may be interested to read about Mohakhali and Rampura. You can also find your dream flat sale in Badda by using BestBari’s marketplace. 

We wish you the very best to help you find your dream flat for sale in Dhaka, Badda.

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