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Banani – Suburb Guide for Flat Sales in Dhaka

Banani, was originally a suburb for the middle-income working class, however over the years it has become more gentrified and now one of the most sought-after suburbs in Dhaka. Banani attracts Dhaka’s elite including executives, young professionals and up and coming leaders.

Like its neighbouring suburbs, Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 2, Banani has a mix of both residential and commercial properties. Banani is known for its local tech start-up scene as well as small to medium enterprises wanting to be located near commercial hubs. Residents of Banani can enjoy tranquil views of Banani Lake and experience the cultural scene with plenty of trendy cafés, restaurants and boutique designer clothing stores in the main shopping district on road number 11.


Location and transport


Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment


Schools, hospitals and religious centres


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Banani Offers a Great Culture and Trendy Vibes for City’s Emerging Leaders considering Premium Flat Sales in Dhaka


Busy streets of central business district.

Location and transport

This Place is convenient location attracts a lot of home buyers to the suburb. Due to its close proximity, This Place provides quick access to Gulshan 1 and Gulshan 2 as well as Mohakhali. Thanks to the Dhaka-Mymensingh Highway, This Place residents can conveniently commute to Tejgon, Cantonment, Niketan, Airport and Uttara, despite the congested Dhaka traffic, which is standard in any sough-after suburb in Dhaka.

The suburb is neatly arranged with well-maintained roads, infrastructure and security given its proximity to embassies and the Shahjalal International Airport. Banani’s road number 11 is well-known for its local shopping and restaurant scene.

Other than using your own car to commute from Banani, there are bus services such as Dhaka Chaka and Gulshan Chaka that connects Banani to Gulshan and the main roads. Rickshaws can be used to travel via inner roads and there is an abundant use of affordable ride-sharing services like Pathao and Uber, which makes travelling from Banani very convenient.


Aerial view of Banani’s residential and business district.

Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment

This Place is well known for its boutique and designer brands for both females and males. It’s a trendy destination for shoppers due to its large variety of high-end brands and quality. For example, the Banani Aarong retail outlet is very popular among locals and tourists who prefer to purchase Bangladeshi hand-made items to get a real cultural taste of the country. Boutique outlets on road 11, the Banani Supermarket and Bangladesh-UAE Moitry Shopping Complex are also popular shopping destinations for high-end products and imported items.

In relation to food and restaurants, Banani is hard to beat with its large variety of high-end restaurants and cafes. There are different cuisines to choose from to cater for every pallet from traditional Bangladeshi food, to Mexican, Thai and Chinese. Most of the restaurants are located around the road number 11 with some being on the inner roads. A must-try café to visit is the Pinewood Café and Kitchen to get true taste of  This Place.

Outdoor sitting area in Pinewood Café and Kitchen, where the food and service will not disappoint.

This Place also has a number of recreational parks and playgrounds for children and considered to be some of the best in Dhaka. In terms of entertainment, there are also several lounges and high-end hotels such as the Lakeshore Banani, Golden Tulip, Raintree and Sarina which all offer first-class service to their guests.

Schools, Hospitals and Religious Centres

Banani hosts a number of high-quality schools and universities such as the Banani Bidyaniketan School & College and Northern University Bangladesh. Although there are fewer medical facilities such as the Banani Clinic and Praava Health, Banani is still a short distance to Gulshan’s larger hospitals and medical facilities. Lastly, Banani has several mosques around the suburb and also hosts the renowned final resting place for high-profile and reputable individuals, which is the Banani Graveyard.

Why Consider Flat Sales in Banani?

Overall, the lifestyle and tranquility Banani has to offer is hard to rival. Banani hosts many of Dhaka’s most popular restaurants, cafes, shopping centres, parks and religious centres, which are well laid out across the prominent suburb. Banani is a cultural hub for Bangladesh’s emerging leaders and considered to be one of Dhaka’s best kept secrets.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this suburb guide about Banani useful. Please read our other suburb guides, for example you may be interested to read about Gulshan and Dhanmondi. You can also find your dream flat sale in Banani by using BestBari’s marketplace webpage

We wish you the very best and hope you find your dream flat sale in Banani, Dhaka.

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