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Pros and Cons of Living in a Dhaka Flat

Reading time: 4 minutes, Category: Property Trends

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Pros and Cons of Living in Dhaka Flats - Buy Flat Dhaka

With Dhaka’s staggering population growing from the continuous inflow of migration into the capital, it is clear that apartment buildings are becoming more congested with less living space in Dhaka flats.

However on the other side, the demand and desire to live in Dhaka is still very strong and people still need to find a place to live in Dhaka and most people are limited to either purchase a new or used flat in Dhaka, rather than a house and land.

Living in a flat in Dhaka (rather than a house) can have many benefits such as better affordability, less maintenance, plenty of amenities, extra security, savings and greater flexibility to afford to live in preferred suburb. However, there can be some disadvantages such as the lack of space, parking and privacy. In this article brought to you by BestBari, we discuss the pros and cons of living in a flat in Dhaka.

Pros of living in a Dhaka flat

  • Affordability: There’s no doubt that apartments are cheaper to buy than houses, especially in Dhaka. This can be appealing to first home buyers, especially if they are on a tight budget. Also, given that flats are relatively much cheaper than houses, buyers have the luxury to select which location they would like to live in, including desirable suburbs such as Banani or Gulshan.

Pros and Cons of Living in Dhaka Flats - Buy Flat Dhaka

  • Less maintenance: Apartments are generally easier to maintain than houses. The maintenance of the building, gardens and amenities are usually taken care of by the landlord and building managers. Newer apartment complexes include gyms and pools that are often cleaned, repaired and maintained by building management so you can enjoy the benefits without the responsibilities you would usually have in a house.

  • Amenities: Apartments complexes in Dhaka can offer luxurious amenities and services. For example, many of the newly constructed apartments in Dhaka, such as those featured on our marketplace webpage offer a range of shared facilities, concierge, security, pool, gym, barbeque areas, lawns and gardens, and function rooms.

Pros and Cons of Living in Dhaka Flats - Buy Flat Dhaka

  • Security: Security is a must a have especially for a developing city like Dhaka. Apartments are generally more secure than houses since they have shared security services and 24/7 security guards. Inside the buildings, apartments often feature key code entry systems or intercoms that help to prevent intruders entering the building and other residents are likely to be around to notice any suspicious behaviour. Many Dhaka flats offer 24/7 concierge or door-man services for additional security.

Cons of living in a Dhaka flat

  • Limited Space: The biggest drawback for apartments in Dhaka is that the floor space is more limited given the densely populated city. The overall floor space is generally smaller in apartments, with rooms more compact than in houses. They often don’t have private outdoor space unless a balcony is included.

  • Privacy and Noise: Dhaka is already congested and noisy and some apartment complexes can be noisy, especially if its near busy and main roads. With so many people sharing a complex the noise level can be higher, with less privacy than living in a house.

  • Restrictions: Living in an apartment complex sometimes means being having to abide by many rules in relation to noise, pets, using of communal areas and most importantly making structural changes to your apartment, which you will need permission for. This often frustrates flat owners who want to re-design the floor plan but may be restricted to do so.

Despite these drawbacks, we still think the pros outweigh the cons in relation to living in a flat in Dhaka. Not only because of the population growth but also due to the luxurious amenities, location and lifestyle high-quality flats in Dhaka can offer. Please check the featured premium apartment listings we have on offer using this link.

If you need assistance on finding an apartment in Dhaka, please contact us. Our team of property specialists will reach out and help you find your dream home, at a cheap price in your budget using BestBari’s network of premium real-estate brokers and property developers. We will then simply connect you with the real-estate broker or property dealer according to your requirements, free of charge.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this article useful to learn the pros and cons of apartment living in Dhaka. Please visit our News and Reviews page for more useful articles like Pros and Cons of a Buying a Used Flat in Dhaka.

This article is brought to you by BestBari, the trusted BD property company in Bangladesh. We wish you the very best for your Dhaka flat sale.

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