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Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Flat for Sale in Dhaka

Reading time: 6 minutes, Category: Interior Design

As a premium real estate company in Bangladesh, BestBari can help you find the best flat sales in Dhaka.

kitchen design ideas

Welcome to BestBari’s guide to the top Kitchen Design Ideas for your Dhaka Apartment.  Whether you are looking to for a flat sale in Dhaka or wanting to renovate your existing apartment, the design and layout your kitchen is critical to your home’s look and feel. A kitchen is more than just a place where you get your cooking done, it’s an essential part of your home. This is why your kitchen needs to be both aesthetically pleasing whilst being as functional and practical as possible.

If you are considering renovating your kitchen for your Dhaka apartment, most likely you are stuck with choosing from many design options and likely overwhelmed by it all. Fortunately, the BestBari team has interviewed award-winning interior and kitchen designers in the country and we present to you the top 6 ideas for designing the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

Start with the Kitchen Layout

Let’s start with the most important aspect of designing your kitchen first, which is its layout. Out of everything mentioned in this article, your kitchen layout matters the most! Firstly, make sure to make the layout is practical for movement and cooking. Your kitchen lay out acts as a multi-functional space and significantly affects how you, your family members or butlers/maids move around when cooking or using the space.

Open plan kitchens are the trend at the moment even in Dhaka and making an open plan kitchen may be become the highlight of your flat in Dhaka. Professional kitchen designers often talk about the “golden triangle”, which refers to the positioning of the fridge, cooktop and kitchen sink. These three elements (or points in the triangle) should be no more than three meters apart.

It’s not all about the kitchen’s floorplan though, also consider the practicality of spreading out your kitchen appliances. Make sure to include plenty of appliances to make things easier for cooking, especially if you have a large family and extensive cooking needs and spread-out the appliances to create plenty of space and movement.

Keep things Clean and Tidy (and with Storage)

kitchen design ideas

In addition to getting the kitchen layout right, it’s also important keep things clean, tidy and with plenty of storage space. You want your kitchen sink, cabinets, fridge and appliances to be spread out but not too distant from each other to avoid over stretching the kitchen. As a rule of thumb, allow at least a metre between your cabinets. This will minimise clutter and create a safe environment so you can focus on your cooking.

Along with having more kitchen space, having plenty of storage space is also essential to designing a practical kitchen. Not only storage will make things practical to store your everyday appliances, but also be aesthetically pleasing to the eye to not see clutter of appliances and pantry around your kitchen. For example, large cabinets and drawers can be utilised for your large cutlery, pots, pans and appliances.

Another important aspect is to eliminate any unnecessary items that take up space and clutter. Give your brand new a kitchen a refresh by throwing away unnecessary items like unused plates and mugs with chips in them, old and outdated appliances taking valuable real-estate space in your kitchen area. Once this a thorough clean and refresh is done, it will feel like a brand-new kitchen!

Cabinetry is Critical

Your cabinetry is a critical element of any beautifully designed kitchen. Whether you choose cabinets (also called cupboards) or drawers, your cabinetry depends on how you like things stored and where in your kitchen.

In general, wide cabinets are great for your drinking glasses and small appliances like toasters and blenders, allowing them to be accessed quite seamlessly. Drawers that are deep are also a good idea for safely storing your expensive dinnerware and cookware, allowing also for handy storage and access.

It’s important to have your cabinetry match your kitchen’s design and décor. Consider mixing around cabinets and drawers throughout your kitchen’s layout and design. Also getting the right colour scheme for cabinetry is crucial and further discussed in the next section below.

kitchen design ideas

Choose your Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of your kitchen is one of the most important design elements and sets the whole mood and tone of your kitchen. Surprisingly its actually your kitchen’s cabinets, not the wall colours that define your kitchen’s mood and tone, as it stands out the most.

kitchen design ideas

When selecting a colour scheme, consider using a light and neutral colours, which are instant classics especially in luxury Dhaka flats and will never go out of style. Light colours also help create the illusion of more space and dark colour schemes can shrink space and may seem less welcoming.

For example the New York Hampton style white gives the kitchen a classy and vibrant feel and makes the room feel more spacious, airy and lively. For more ideas and inspiration on choosing an appropriate colour scheme for your personalised kitchen, please read BestBari’s article on Top Tips for Interior Design for Dhaka Flats.

Let there be Light!

Lighting helps complement your kitchen’s colour scheme and gives your kitchen a more lively and homely feel. The kitchen should be well lit and feature plenty of windows to allow natural light since it plays a big role in the overall feel of your kitchen space. Have sure to have plenty of windows for natural lights and also consider LEDs lightens, which not only look good but also consume less electricity and better for the environment.

kitchen design ideas

 High Quality Floors are a Must!

kitchen design ideas

Last but not least, high quality floors can make a big impact in a kitchen makeover! Whether you’re thinking wood, marble or tiles there are many flooring materials and options to choose from according to style, budget and durability.

The interior design experts say the lighter the look the better because lighter kitchen flooring makes your kitchen look bigger than it looks. In terms of practicality, consider non-slip surfaces because safety comes first especially in the kitchen, which can have a lot of hazards arounds.


There’s a lot of things to consider when it comes to kitchen interior design and there is so much more to consider it than meets the eye, when it comes to being practical. Overall, it’s about getting the balance right between having an aesthetically pleasing design that meets the eye while having a kitchen that is practical and functional to use to best suit you and your family’s personal preferences.

We hope our guide to the top Kitchen Design Ideas for your Dhaka Apartment will help provide you some ideas and inspiration to design your own dream kitchen for your upcoming Dhaka flat purchase.  On behalf of BestBari we wish you the best of luck with your purchasing your dream flat for sale in Dhaka. If you enjoyed this guide please visit our News and Articles page. In particular you may enjoy our article on Top 5 ideas for decorating your home in Dhaka.

On behalf of BestBari, we send our best wishes for finding your flat sale in Dhaka. BestBari is a leading BD property company in Bangladesh.

For the latest news and updates about the best Dhaka flat sales, please visit our market-leading news and articles.

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