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Bashundhara – Suburb Guide, Dhaka

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Bashundhara is a both a shopper’s paradise and a child’s fairy tale come true when it comes to flat sales in Dhaka

Bashundhara is an ideal suburb for families with young children. Bashundhara is best known for its famous Jamuna Future Park, which is not only the biggest shopping complex in Bangladesh, but the whole of South Asia, covering more than 4.1 million square feet. The enormous shopping complex even has its own theme park, which kids will absolutely enjoy. This is why Bashundhara is known to be both a shopper’s paradise and a child’s fairy tale come true.

In fact, Bashundhara has more to offer than just the Jamuna Future Park. From its beautiful lay out, to its clean roads, infrastructure and prominent schools and universities, Bashundhara is considered one of the most underrated suburbs in Dhaka.

Aerial view of the Bashundhara commercial and residential district.

Location and transportation

Bashundhara is conveniently located with close proximity to both the Shah Jalal International Airport and Gulshan and Banani areas. Bashundhara’s modern roads are frequently monitored for cleanliness. It is also relatively easy for commuters to travel in buses, taxis, CNGs and rickshaws, which are readily available. Furthermore, Dhaka’s Metro Rail and highway project easily connects Bashundhara to other areas of Dhaka.

There is every store you can imagine at Jamuna Future Park, South Asia’s largest shopping complex.

Lifestyle, shopping, and entertainment

As discussed previously, Bashundhara boasts to have South Asia’s largest shopping complex, Jamuna Future Park. People from different parts of Bangladesh come to Bashundhara to experience the shopping and entertainment. There are countless shops in Jamuna Future Park as well as Bashundhara’s main road, bringing in a lot of jobs and economic growth for Dhaka and Bangladesh. From clothes, shoes, tags, mobile phones and electronics it is almost impossible to not find the item you are looking for in Bashundhara.

Bashundhara also has an abundance of food and dining. From small food stands to large international chains like Pizza Hut, Burger King and KFC you won’t be disappointed with the variety of food available. In terms of entertainment, there is a lot to do especially for families and kids including watching the latest movie at Star Cineplex, experiencing virtual reality at the Ultimate Fun Factory and of course experiencing the wild roller-coaster in the theme park.

Experience the rollercoaster ride at Bashundhara’s Jamuna Future Park.

Schools, Hospitals, and Religious Centres

Several prominent schools and universities can be found in Bashundhara. For example, the International School Dhaka, HURDCO International School and Viquarunnisa Noon School and College are located in Bashundhara. Bashundhara includes a couple of the most reputable universities in the country including North South University and American International University. There are several mosques located across residential areas and one of the best hospitals of Bangladesh, Apollo Hospital is very close proximity to Bashundhara.

Why Consider Flat Sales in Bashundhara?

Bashundhara is perfect for young families and newlyweds looking for a nice area to settle down in an up-and-coming suburb with good schools, shopping centres, location and transportation.  As flat prices in Gulshan and Banani are becoming more and more unattainable, Bashundhara is becoming a popular alternative that is reasonably prices and affordable for individuals and families with young children.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this suburb guide about Bashundhara useful. Please read our other suburb guides, for example you may be interested to read about Dhanmondi and Mirpur. You can also find your dream flat sale in Bashundhara by using BestBari’s marketplace. 

We wish you the very best and hope you find your dream flat for sale in Bashundhara, Dhaka.

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