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Best Flat Sales in Dhaka

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Motijheel – Suburb Guide for Flat Sales in Dhaka

Motijheel is the heart of Dhaka and has more corporate offices than any other region in Dhaka. It has the largest central business district and commercial hub in Dhaka and arguably the largest in Bangladesh. In Motijheel, you can find all different types of businesses from sectors ranging from financial services to news and media.


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Motijheel is the country’s most famous central business district for flat sales in Dhaka

Bangladesh’s busiest central business district is located in Motijheel, Dhaka.

Motijheel was Bangladesh’s first administrative zone. Before the country’s independence in 1971, the Motijheel region was the major trading zone and economic hub of East Pakistan. Today, Motijheel has the highest number of corporate headquarters in the country.

The region is home to some the highest buildings in the country including the City Centre Bangladesh Building and Bangladesh Bank Building as well as the Dhaka Stock Exchange and the iconic Shapla in Shapla Square, the central location where all major roads converge. Motijheel is the ideal location for busy executives working to get ahead in business and finance and prefer to be close to the economic activities and convenience of travelling quickly to work and back.

The iconic Shapla Chattar Lily Flower located in the centre of Motijheel, where major roads converge.

Location and transport

As mentioned previously in the introduction, Motijheel is at the heart of the city and considered to be the General Post Office and zero point of Dhaka. One of the advantage of Motijheel is its close proximity to Dhaka Railway Station, Dhaka’s central train station.

The other advantage of Motijheel is that it connected well with the rest of Dhaka city and includes good roads and infrastructure around the district. There is range of public transport to choose from including taxis accessible on the main roads and bus terminals and routes available in the city.  Many youngsters also take advantage of cheap ride-sharing apps like Pathao and Uber to get around town.

Motijheel is home to the Dhaka Stock Exchange, the centre of Bangladesh’s financial sector.

Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment

Although Motijheel has more offices and corporate headquarters than any other region in Dhaka, it isn’t necessary the first place you think about for shopping or lifestyle. That being said, Motijheel is home one of the most well-decorated parks in Dhaka, which is the beautiful Motijheel Park. The Park is well maintained with plenty of blooming flowers, historic statues, there is a grand entrance gate and its very own lake, where you can take a boat ride with your loved ones. There are some good restaurants around the central business district, but its more for take-away and not dining in for those who are passionate about food and fine dining.

The grant new entrance at the beautiful Motijheel Park

Schools, Hospitals and Religious Centres

The educational institutions located in Motijheel are respected. T & T High School and Ideal School and College, Notre Dame College, Notre Dame University are some of Dhaka’s prominent schools and universities.

Motijheel is not really known for its hospitals, given it is more of a business district. However, there are some medical centres in town such as Government Community Hospital Islami Bank Hospital, the Post office Medical Centre and a handful of general medical practices around the region.

Motijheel is commendable for the number of religious centres though, in particular the large number mosques located in the region, given that most of business and working people are practicing Muslims. One of the more notable ones is Motijheel Mosque, which is a black tomb mosque. Other mosques in the area are Arambagh Jame Mosque, Jhilpar Jame Masjid Baitul Mamur Jame Masjid and Fakirapul Jame Mosque. There are also a couple of well-known temples in the location for Hindus, including Motijheel Hindupara and Sri Sri Durga Mandir.

Why Consider Flat Sales in Motijheel?

Although it’s not necessarily the perfect place to raise a young family, Motijheel still offers plenty of diversity and close proximity to many corporate headquarters and the Dhaka Stock Exchange. It is an ideal location for young executives working in corporate or finance and enjoy the fast-moving city life in the country’s most famous commercial hub and central business district.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this suburb guide about Motijheel helpful. Please read our other suburb guides using our website. For example you may be interested to read about Banani and Dhanmondi. You can also find your dream flat sale in Motijheel by using BestBari’s marketplace webpage. 

We wish you the very best to find your ideal flat sale in Dhaka, Motijheel.

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