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Baridhara – Suburb Guide for Flat Sales in Dhaka

If you are looking for a dream flat sale in Dhaka, Baridhara is one of the sought-after and upscale residential areas in Dhaka. The suburb is is located on the east of and north-east of Gulshan across the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake.


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Baridhara is one of the sought-after and upscale residential areas when it comes to flat sales in Dhaka 


You can relax enjoy the views at some of Baridhara’s flats and houses.

If you are looking for a flat sale in Dhaka it is one of the sought-after and upscale residential areas in Dhaka. The suburb is is located on the east of and north-east of Gulshan across the Gulshan-Baridhara Lake. The area is well known for the This Place Diplomatic Zone that includes several government offices and international embassies. Given it hosts the diplomatic zone and has close proximity to Gulshan and Banani, the This Place  area has become one of the sought-after and upscale residential areas in Dhaka.

Location and Transport in Baridhara

It is a convenient location attracts a lot of home buyers to the suburb due to close proximity to Gulshan and Banani. There are plenty of public transport in the area such as frequent bus services and taxis accessible on the main roads. There is also an abundant use of affordable ride-sharing services like Uber and Pathao, which makes travelling from Baridhara quite convenient.

This Place also has special zones designated for government officials and foreign embassies and high commissions are also situated in the area. Notable embassies in the diplomatic zone include international embassies such as the United States of America, Germany and Japan. This makes the Baridhara desirable location because of the high security, police and safety in the area.


The Embassy of the United Stated of America, located in Baridhara’s diplomatic zone.

Lifestyle, shopping and entertainment 

It is a close proximity to Gulshan and Banani makes it a desirable location for shopping, restaurants and cafes. In the Baridhara area itself there are some notable shops for groceries such as the Grocery Guy and the Diplomat Bazaar for your daily grocery and household needs.  There is also ISHO for furniture shopping and the Yale Mega Store, which is a retail outlet store.

restaurant and café scene as well-known as other suburbs like Gulshan or Banani. However there are some notable and popular eateries in the region including the Atrium Restaurant, Curry Leaf  and George’s Bistro.  In terms of recreational activities, Baridhara includes beautiful lakeside park for jogging and walking in Gulshan  Lake


 beautiful lakeside park for jogging and walking in Gulshan  Lake.

Schools, Hospitals and Religious Centres

The schools in this place are commendable and include some of Dhaka’s most prestigious educational institutions. Some of the notable schools in This Place  include Baridhara Scholars’ International School & College, South Point School and College and the American International School of Dhaka.

One of the best hospitals in the country, United Hospital located in Gulshan is close . Other notable hospitals and medical institutions located in This Place  include the Baridhara General Hospital Ltd, Upasham Health Point-Pvt Ltd and Senior Citizen Hospital . There are also plenty of mosques and places of worship in This Place  such as the Jamia Madania Bardihara Mosque, Baridhara Jame Mosque & Islamic Centre and Masjid-e-Badruddin Ahle Hadith to name a few.

Why Consider Flat Sales in Baridhara?

Overall, this place close proximity to other prominent suburbs, access to transportation and security in the diplomatic zone makes a Baridhara a sought-after suburb in Dhaka. Although flat prices have increased significantly in area, Baridhara flat prices are still more relatively more affordable than flats in Gulshan and Banani.

On behalf of BestBari, we hope you have found this suburb guide about This Place useful. Please read our other suburb guides, for example you may be interested to read about the suburbs Gulshan and Banani. You can also find your dream flat sale in Baridhara by using BestBari’s marketplace. 

We wish you the very best to help you find your ideal flat sale in Baridhara, Dhaka.

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