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Best Flat Sales in Dhaka

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How to Find a Top Luxury Flat for Sale in Dhaka

Reading time: 4 minutes, Category: Property Trends

Find the best luxury flats for sale in Dhaka with BestBari, a premium and exclusive BD property online marketplace.

How to find top a luxury flat for sale in Dhaka - Buy Flat Dhaka

Finding a high-quality luxury apartment in Dhaka is not an easy task, especially while the population of Dhaka continues to grow exponentially. In this article, brought to you by BestBari, we discuss useful tips to help you find your next dream flat in Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, there are thousands of property listings available on internet classified websites and even in your local newspaper. The problem is not quantity, it is quality – most of these websites include sub-grade property listings that are usually not checked or screened and some of these listings are even not for sale!

Furthermore, most of these advertised listings do not include luxury or top-tier apartments catered for the affluent individuals and families. Top-tier luxury flats in Dhaka are rarely advertised publicly and buyers are only often informed from their exclusive real-estate broker relationships.  Fortunately, BestBari is changing this and customers in Bangladesh will have online access to top-tier luxury flat sales in Dhaka using our online marketplace very shortly, so please stay tuned!

Step 1. Know what you want

Your perfect home depends on what your personal need and wants are and what you expect from your Dhaka apartment. In Bangladesh, location is everything – and that’s where you should start.

If you’re living in Dhaka, Gulshan offers a wide range of top-quality restaurants, while the more central neighbourhood of Dhanmondi is more culturally vibrant, with art galleries and one of Asia’s leading photography schools. Banani, which is located west of Gulshan, includes a shopping and fashion scene that is hard to beat and includes boutique designers and top brands in Dhaka. The developing and affluent suburb of Bashundhara is also more sought after given its access to newly-built, modern and luxurious flats for sale in Dhaka.   

Once you have picked a location, narrow down your scope and think about how bedrooms, bathrooms, maid rooms and car parking you need. Do you prefer a city view with night-lights or look out towards the tranquil rivers and rowing boats? What about the amenities you and your family are looking for? Is a gym, roof-top pool or hot tub in your bucket list?

How to find top a luxury flat for sale in Dhaka - Buy Flat Dhaka

Step 2. What’s your budget?

The funding of your new home can be purchased using cash, a home loan a combination of the two.

If you’re looking to fund your property with a home loan, make sure to get your pre-approval from your private banker as soon as possible. The pre-approval will give you a good indication of what your maximum budget can be if you’re looking to borrow. The pre-approval will consist of the bank assessing your income and expenses and determine the capacity and maximum amount you can borrow. If you’re looking to use cash, you can move even faster as cash is king. Whether you wish to use cash, debt or a combination – you need to set a budget for your ideal luxury property.

How to find top a luxury flat for sale in Dhaka - Buy Flat Dhaka

Step 3. Do your research and start making appointments

Now that you have a good understanding realising what you exactly need and the budget to work with start doing some research. Make a short-list of the desired of luxury flats, designs and get inspiration on BestBari.

Keep a note of the criteria of apartments you are seeking and start making a short-list of your desired Dhaka flats for sale. Once you’ve found your top listings, please contact us and our property specialists will help find your dream flat in Dhaka by using our exclusive network of premium real-estate brokers.

We will then simply connect you with your ideal property free of charge. We suggest setting up an appointment with a trusted broker in advance of an apartment inspection and ask as many questions as possible you have about the luxury flat you are interested in purchasing.

With Bangladesh’s booming economy (even during the pandemic), population growth and demand for high-end apartments in Dhaka, you may want to look at purchasing a luxury apartment sooner rather than later. Not only will purchasing a luxury property be a bold statement amongst your friends and family, but it make a good long-term investment for the future.

On behalf of BestBari, we wish you the very best with your purchasing your dream flat in Dhaka. Please feel free to use BestBari to help find you most luxurious and high-quality apartments in Dhaka offered at competitive prices. We hope you have found this article useful to learn the pros and cons of apartment living in Dhaka. Please visit our News and Reviews page for more useful articles like Pros and Cons of a Buying a Used Flat in Dhaka.

We wish you the very best on your property journey and hope you find your dream luxury flat for sale in Dhaka with BestBari.

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BestBari Content Team

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